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Sushmita Viswanathan

Hey there, I am Sushmita Viswanathan.

A little bit about what I have been doing before becoming a full-time artist/designer.


Jewelry making, painting and crafting things have always been part of me from childhood. Be it, altering a neckpiece by joining a pair of anklets when I didn't find a necklace to suit my dress or creating a payphone from a shoebox to have my own telephone booth piggy bank or making my envelopes for my parents to gift at weddings, crafting small things have always brought me happiness.

Interesting facts


I created some pencil carvings and chalk carvings during my class hours ;) 


Have learnt almost all traditional art forms of India. Need to figure out what I'm still missing out :)


I'm also a certified beautician!

Isn't painting your face and putting a new hairstyle an art form? :D


Soon after I completed my under graduation with a Bachelor of Engineering, I started learning oil painting, Tanjore painting and other art forms in hobby art classes near my place. It was fun spending all day during the weekends in the class with my best friend. We had our 1st art exhibition a year later. Unfortunately, after a couple of years, we couldn't continue making art together.

Again after 10 years of carefully crafting spreadsheets & powerpoints in the corporate jungle, I realized that I was losing touch with what gave me true bliss - crafting joy for friends and family through art & design.


In October 2018, my husband, Arun Ramkumar, my sister-in-law, Nandhini Ramkumar and I launched our design house 'MojoCanvas'  where we offer branding and design solutions for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Aren't we an awesome team? ;)

I have been conducting art workshops for kids and adults for the past 1 year. You can check out pictures and videos of the 'Glow-in-the-Dark' workshops. I have also created a private Facebook group 'PaletteLane' for artists/hobbyists to share unused art materials with other artists in need.

'Craftickle', my Etsy shop is one of my explorations toward channelling my creative mojo. Here, you will discover whimsical little somethings born out of ideas that tickled my curiosity; and hopefully, serve as gifts that tickle your fancy.

As soon as I bought my iPad two years ago, I happened to come across Liz Kohler Brown's class "How to Paint Watercolor Leaves on Your iPad in Procreate" in Skillshare, and from then on Procreate has been my goto tool for all my digital art creations. Liz has always inspired and motivated me through her Facebook group challenges. 

Proud to mention that I'm also part of the 'Flourishtribe, a group of surface pattern designers(SPD) that is encouraged and coached by Bonnie Christine. I discovered Bonnie's class on Skillshare this July, and I knew that this was what I was meant to do! I then checked out her awesome website and signed up. Flourish has helped my creativity bloom and weeded out my inhibitions. With every stage, my confidence as a designer keeps growing. I would say she is my SPD Guru!

I am looking forward to creating more and sharing my knowledge with you.

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