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3 signs that you're an art hoarder

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Know why artists/hobbyists like to hold onto stuff? Find out if you are a collector or a hoarder...

I admit! I am a hoarder! I have two cupboards full of art/craft materials. Whereas I only have one wardrobe for clothes. Funny, right? :D

"The artist is a collector, not a hoarder" says Austin Kleon, author of one of the bestselling/talked about book 'Steal like an artist'.

I have been inspired by this thought and it turns out that some of the things that he mentioned in his other book 'Show your work', is something I have been doing already.

Why do we artists/hobbyists like to hold onto stuff?

(1) There is a common phrase 'die adorning' means your ideas die before they come alive. We envision creating something beautiful and as a first step, we buy the required art materials. But the idea rarely becomes a prototype. As artists, we keep dreaming/visualizing about a lot of things and finally end up forgetting what we had bought ages ago. I'm not an exception. It happens to all visionaries ;)

(2) Most of us are unable to decide if we really need some art materials. Or you may think these are some things you can't live without. During this pandemic, I realized that I had way too many art materials and didn't know where to start. Then I started setting proper short term goals and practised one small thing everyday to achieve those goals. It could be an Instagram art challenge, reading a chapter from a book or watching a Skillshare course, it really helped me clear my mind. Voila! I re-organized my art space.

(3) Sometimes we are unable to figure out when it becomes a clutter and when it stays a treasure. To avoid this dilemma, you can prepare a list of all the items and then analyze the need for it. Or pick up one item every day/every week and create something with it.


P.S: Bam! Did you just realize that you have been hoarding too many art and craft materials. Don't be guilty. Join our Palette Lane Facebook group to help other artists/hobbyists by giving away/selling your unused materials. Be a part of this tribe and let's grow together!

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